By alicia.sandino on April 12, 2017
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Small Business Growth Tips

Small businesses and entrepreneurs all need one thing: stability. Knowing that they have the tools to keep them going day after day is what allows small business owners to plan for the future. One of the basic elements of endurance is being able to consistently communicate with customers and other individuals of interest. Unfortunately, most small business owners are finding that well-known business phone service providers offer plans with excessive features and at a much higher cost in services. Due to these hurdles, they’re exploring new options such as a virtual phone service. A reliable virtual phone service is one way to instill a sense of longevity because it’s what will keep you connected to your customers and colleagues without breaking your budget.

Aside from being affordable, you will want to make sure that the virtual phone service you choose comes with the essential features that will help streamline your call management, like a cloud receptionist, to automate greetings and direct callers to the appropriate person or extension, if you’re working with a small team. Even if you’re a solopreneur, a cloud receptionist can show you the nature of the call before you answer whether it’s related to sales, support, billing, etc.; this way, you’ll be better prepared to provide the level of service that will increase customer retention.

The Business Phone Service That Goes Where You Go

The right virtual phone service provides only the features you need without having to purchase additional hardware or services; you can operate your business communications straight from your cell phone. Entrepreneurs and small teams enjoy this type of business phone service because it allows them to work from anywhere and still maintain their corporate image, allowing you to choose where to direct callers who dial your business phone number (cell phone, office phone, external extension, etc.) Now, missed opportunities are less likely when you can take your business phone service with you.

With this emerging business phone service technology, it’s becoming clear that the status quo for business communications is being replaced with more sensible and tailored options.

How is Virtual PBX Different?

The best thing about virtual PBX is that you don’t have to be confined by traditional office phones. Entrepreneurs are always on the go, making sure their brand is taking off with the least amount of hiccups and acquiring funding. A virtual PBX works with you to ensure you never miss the chance to leave an impression.

The difference between a virtual PBX and other forms of cloud communication is that a virtual PBX is for entrepreneurs and small teams looking for a better way to stay in touch and build a professional image with clients. It’s a hassle-free way to get your business communications running and one less thing to worry about when you have scarce resources and time.

Need a Virtual Phone Service Recommendation?

If you need a business phone service that is reliable but don’t need the extra bells and whistles that larger companies provide (and you want to save money) try virtual PBX with FastPBX, a virtual phone service that travels with you and helps you grow!

Hundreds of companies are already relying on our virtual phone service to stay connected and make the most out of their small business communications.

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